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MAY-JUN 2018

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Page 41 of 88 YOUR RESIDENTS DESERVE A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP, AND WE'LL DELIVER IT NATIONWIDE. FAST. GET STARTED BY GETTING IN TOUCH. Fast delivery. Low prices. Nationwide. 800.934.6848 Wholesale pricing and premium service Fast emergency replacements Removal and setup of old and new bedding Nationwide delivery WITH US, YOU'LL GET: No minimum purchase requirement McCuskey: One of the big things that we're trying to tackle is Gen Z. We're read- ing two books as a division and trying to incorporate what these authors are suggesting. Gen Z is already on campus, but within two or three years we're going to see a really big transformation of attitudes and beliefs in terms of what students want and need. One big thing that this generation is so focused on is that they want to get through college and get a job. Millennials were so exploratory — they wanted to spend time trying different things to see what fit. We're going to see a lot more speed to degree — to get done in three years. We are looking at adjust- ing our student leadership programs and things along those lines to get ready for that shift. Another major initiative is a leadership development program for our students. All new students come in and take Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. We incorporate touchstones throughout where they're practicing strengths, and learning about strengths, and how strengths play off with other strengths. We also have about 1,000 student orga- nizations at Purdue, and a lot of ways for students to get involved. We're working with students to get them involved. On the back end, we're helping students translate that involve- ment, not just 'I was president of this,' or 'I did this activ- ity,' but interpreting that into what they learned. And even more than what they learned, how do they translate that experience to the next phase of their lives? How can this help you, whether that's running for office, or creating a career opportunity. We are trying to make that translation of learn- ing, or that translation of what I've learned, to how that affects the next phase of life. Part of the vernacular here is part of our student leadership devel- opment, so that's underway. We're using a portfolio tool to help students reflect on that learning as it takes place. We have a whole employee advi- sory council that helps us with May/June 2018 41

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