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MAR-APR 2018

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LEASING AND MARKETING March/April 2018 74 (888) 288-2587 WWW.CAMPUSTECHNOLOGIES.COM appealing amenity or unique selling point and add targeting that will interest that per- son specifically." She says that if a property has, as an example, an excellent fitness center, to tar- get a user attending the university who also shows interest in gyms, fitness and health and create an ad specific to this amenity. "Then create a corresponding land- ing page with content around the benefits of living with this fitness center or even more general content around workouts or healthy recipes. Remember, Gen Z-ers are not on Facebook as much as your typical social media user from other generations. Facebook has been around for as long as Gen Z-ers can remember." Matusek adds, "Not every ad has to be about your brand. Mixing in messaging they can relate to creates brand advocates because they will share your witty posts with their friends." Self-Motivated, Serious and Value-Conscious According to some of Catalyst's research, Gen Z is not an entitled or dreamy gen- eration. Most indicators predict this young generation will grow into an adult cohort defined as connected, sophisticated, edu- cated and self-motivated. Gen Z children don't remember the easy '90s. They were born into an era of crisis, with recession, terrorism and school violence everyday realities. "As some articles have highlighted, and as I can confirm based on my own con- versations with this audience group, they are striving for successful careers," says Matusek. "They see other young people on social media starting their own businesses, and they generally want to be success- ful versus considering low-paying jobs as starting points." A group that's expected to seek person- alized and meaningful work in this way is also expected to be serious about doing well in college. According to Vision Critical Research, Gen Z, having grown up within a more vulnerable social fabric, is less likely than Millennials to take risks and more likely to pursue stability and security. They are also more money conscious, the research says. Wilkinson concurs: "Gone are the days of highlighting luxury," he says. "While that's not necessarily all that new, it's still really strong from a content standpoint. So we really focus on the product, on convenience and on conveying the sense that this place is for everybody." SHB Staff from Rise on 9th in Columbia, Missouri, took their act on the road with this pop-up model set up on campus at the University of Missouri. Students were able to tour this mobile model, ask questions, and sign leases right on the spot. The free bagels and coffee didn't hurt, either.

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