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MAR-APR 2018

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ANCILLARY RETAIL SPECIALTY RETAIL • POP-UP • ENTREPRENEURSHIP • SPONSORSHIP • MARKETING TM POP-UP RETAIL IN PLACE TARTINERY AT BROOKFIELD PLACE NY ANNOUNCING Coming May 2018 Ancillary Retail provides the industry with relevant news, best strategies and practical tips to help developers and retailers incubate, grow and sustain successful businesses in both traditional and alternative commercial real estate venues. WWW.ANCILLARYRETAIL.COM Please contact us for more information: (404) 832-8262 Scott France at or Debbie Huard at the market on the highly ameni- tized student housing experience each CA community provides. CA International has been suc- cessful in securing leases through this ongoing program." The Medium is the Message Matusek says geo-fencing and geo-targeting are important tac- tics with Gen Z. This means serv- ing relevant ads that residents will see wherever they may be at any given moment and even if they're attending a specific event. According to Catalyst's Melis- sa Cornine, research and media manager, it's important to under- stand how the Gen Z audience uses social media. She points out that Instagram is used to show- case oneself, Snapchat is for real life moments and can be used for more engagement because it's not seen as permanent, and Face- book and Twitter are used to gain information. "Consider the real-time use of Snapchat," says Cornine. "It's impactful to get customers in a specific physical location relevant to your housing. For example, the first university football game of the season is going to have the highest number of your audience members in the same place, at the same time. You can geo-fence that ZIP code and target specific ages. Using a video ad format, you can create content to appear as organic as possible, such as students tailgating, while incor- porating the housing brand." Using Instagram the same way students use it is also important for brand awareness. Cornine suggests reaching audiences with trending and engaging content that Gen Z is familiar with, such as a playful meme. By example, she shared a funny post from Skyloft of Aus- tin that was a conversation script between a mother and a student about being "really focused on school right now," alongside a photo of the property's stunning rooftop pool. "Gen Z-ers want to find con- tent that will interest them and answer questions, gain insight or spark a conversation," Cornine says. "Consider tailoring ad creative to a layer of targeting. Find an 73 March/April 2018

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