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ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN January/February 2018 55 This flexibility creates more casual settings that are closer to home in the students' psyche and more attractive and easier to market to potential student residents. Boarman: Adding to my earlier thoughts, amenitizing ground floor areas and the roof planes on top of garages and units is a trend that has been really successful. If you're going to have amenity space like the lobby, lounges, or even indoor pool areas, opening those up to an outdoor court- yard doubles the visual impact of that amenity space. You can build less indoor space because you're maximizing by planning it with adjacent outdoor space. That's a strategy that we brought over from conventional apart- ment buildings, and it's trending. Then wrapping all the amenity functions around that outdoor space creates a sense of commu- nity and allows a lot of opportu- nity for students to interact. We're also providing little niches like mail areas, lobby areas, and coffee and juice bars where students can connect with each other. Blend- ing these smaller spaces with the larger spaces creates flexibility because you want them to look full when there's only a few stu- dents there, but if you have a grand football day, you can really fill the room and people can still be comfortable. Kimsey: Public areas are being programmed and designed antici- pating future alternative uses. We are designing a variety of gather- ing areas, both indoor and out- door, with multi-purpose func- tionality and movable furniture for maximum flexibility. SHB: Developers are interested in efficiency and many universities are interested in sustainable cam- puses. What are your clients seek- ing in terms of green residential properties and how are you help- ing them meet their goals? Kimsey: Both on and off-campus projects are focusing on the oper- ational aspects of green design. The goal is to reduce energy costs. TM Simply Exceptional Connections Contact US TODAY 800.677.6812 OUR FIBER network brings gigabit speeds and even faster leasing RAY KIMSEY President, Niles Bolton Associates

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