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VIE W FROM THE ACADEME January/February 2018 41 munity. Our social justice commu- nity is named after Dorothy Day; we carry her papers and works here on campus. We are seeking to expand those efforts and our new building will allow us to expand living-learning communities. We are working with our provost's office now to scatter some of the early classes that students have to take throughout the new build- ing so that the work and efforts of these live-learn communities are seen by all. SHB: Are there opportunities that Wild Commons is creating for the university though the creation of common spaces or flex areas? Janz: There are a number of multi- purpose rooms on the first and second floors; those areas are pretty open to the public. There are security points to get into the living towers. There are a few common areas past those securi- ty points so the residents can use those to create their own sense of community. There are a number of rooms outside the security point that other groups can schedule. There is always a large cry for practice space for dance, etcetera. SHB: Beyond Wild Commons, do you have plans to add more housing? Are you replacing stock with Wild Commons or is it new supply? Strigens: This is the first major element related to student hous- ing in our master plan. Beyond the fact that we wanted to build a new residence hall, it is the lynch pin in unlocking a series of domi- noes that will enable us to imple- ment other aspects of our mas- ter plan. The intent behind this new facility is to replace and add some new beds to the count that was in McCormick Hall. That hall is located at the corner of 16th and Wisconsin, which was identi- fied in our master plan as a high priority site for redevelopment. McCormick is an iconic building from a cultural standpoint; it has a wonderful, storied history here on campus. Janz: It's had a wonderful life! Strigens: It has. McCormick has generated a lot of great student experiences and a lot of memo- ries are related to that building. However, it has outlived its useful life. Part of our master plan is to ultimately demolish McCormick Hall. That will become a site for a new recreation and wellness facil- ity. The existing building is round with concrete block pie-shaped rooms. Not exactly what students in 2018 are seeking in a residential life experience. Janz: Yes, it is bittersweet because some students and alumni are heartbroken that we have plans to remove McCormick Hall. It has housed 726 freshmen each year for many years; it is where they have gotten to know one another and learn our campus and experience independence for the first time. Those are monumental moments for students. There have been drawbacks to that space. Because of its age and how many students live there, it is loud. It is also easy to be anonymous in there because of the lack of communal space. While there will be more students at Wild Commons, they will be spread out between the two build- ings and that will enable staff to work better with the residents. SHB: What are the long range plans with your master plan? Janz: Our master plan is ambi- tious and supports our strategic plan for the university. We view our physical development plans as inextricably linked to our over- all strategic goals for the univer- sity. Five major capital projects emerged from our master plan as high priorities. Among those, we are breaking ground on an athletic and human performance research facility which will be located on RELATIONSHIPS I COLLABORATION I RESULTS The CEI philosophy is simple - to gain the confidence of our clients with honesty and performance and with a partnership attitude, and this is the approach we take toward each new opportunity . O ver $2 B illiOn in n ew C OnstruCtiOn aCrOss the us and r anked t Op 5 n atiOnal s tudent h Ousing C OntraCtOrs ! CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISES, INC. 2179 Edward Curd Lane, Suite 100, Franklin TN 37067 Phone: 615-332-8880 www.construcĂč

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