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FITNESS EQUIPMENT September/October 2018 76 able about technology and qual- ity, which they insist on both in their gyms and their tablets, cell- phones and laptops," says Dean Bowrosen, director of commercial sales at Gym Source. "Just as phones, tablets and laptops get thinner, more stream- lined and minimalist in design, yet are bursting with functional- ity, so too gyms are now obsessed with offering the fundamentals in a sleek package," Bowrosen con- tinues. "The best new products are differentiated by their capacity for flexible usage, convertible for a range of different activities in one piece." Winkelmann of Peak Cam- pus also notes the importance of incorporating emerging tech- nologies into the space. "Peloton — a stationary bike that allows users to stream spin classes — and similar products are popping up more and more," he says. "They make fitness more interactive and engaging, which many students enjoy. CrossFit equipment is an inexpensive addition that doesn't take up much space, and the inclu- sion of indoor/outdoor spaces with artificial turf is a great add- on. Turf is durable, shock absorb- ing, versatile, attractive, simple to maintain, safe and customizable." According to Tim McCarthy, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Advanced Exer- cise, "The incorporation of tech- nology is a big trend today — whether its heart rate zone train- ing or instruction through content on the product, like tutorials and programming." He adds, "Especially in student housing — almost all of these gyms are unstaffed facilities with residents that walk in and see the equipment, but don't know what to do with it. Providing technol- ogy that gives users instruction on how to train, how to use the equipment safely and how to achieve results helps a fitness cen- ter run more smoothly." Fitness equipment providers see a desire for greater connec- tivity and technological support in gym spaces today. "Exercisers want to stay connected to the apps and entertainment they enjoy, like Facebook and Instagram, Netflix and Hulu, and applica- tions that track workout data like MyFitnessPal and Nike+," says Jason Balzer, director of national accounts at Matrix Fitness. "The addition of device charging sta- tions with a place to dock devices nearby so that people can exercise while receiving coaching is anoth- er trend that we are seeing." When planning out the equip- ment for your gym, it is impor- tant to make sure that your cardio equipment is proportional to the number residents at the property. "You definitely want to incorpo- rate the latest and greatest tech- nology with your cardio equip- ment, and you also need to make sure you have the right amount of equipment based on the beds available at your property," says Jessica Vo of Comm-Fit. "You should have a minimum of five pieces of cardio for up to 500 beds, and six to eight pieces of cardio equipment for 800 beds." While this sort of tradition- al equipment like treadmills and ellipticals will always be a required piece of the puzzle, Balzer of Matrix Fitness recom- mends taking offerings a step further. "Properties should look at offering a wide range of pro- gramming options for students of various levels of fitness," he says. "Consider HITT workout options. Points programs may also be of value, so students can earn cred- its in the café, bookstore, park- ing spots or other areas on- or off-campus. Students want to be rewarded for effort — why not reward them for their efforts in the gym?" Implementing a point system not only attracts students to uti- lize your gym space rather than taking their fitness classes else- where; it also provides an oppor- tunity to further integrate your property with the university if working in tandem with the on- campus café or bookstore. Taking fitness outdoors is another new and popular fea- ture in new developments today. Student Housing near Tier 1 University 400+ Bedrooms Scattered Site with Management $16M Real 9 CAP Email for info studenthousing4sale@ Vertex, a Peak Campus property located near Arizona State University in Tempe, offers a range of unique fitness equipment including a climbing wall to attract a wide range of students.

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